Media Reads of the Week

A round up of the best the web has to offer on media commentary.


fujo ed

The Institute for Future Media and Journalism in DCU reveals the Irish results of the Who Makes the News,  Global Media Monitoring Project. The global research projects assess the  fair and balanced portrayal of women and men in the news across multiple platforms.

“In the past five years, however, progress appears to have slowed down and, in some aspects, there is evidence of regression.Regarding the overall presence of women as sources, only 28% of the 1960 sources coded were women.


Irish Climate Change

In The Irish Times the lack of media interest in climate change is tackled by DCU School of Communication researcher David Robbins. He considers the reasons what the degree of threat it posed by climate change is being missed.

“News likes unambiguous”


NYT editorial

The New York Times for the first times in 95 years ran a front page editorial on America’s gun control laws in the wake of the San Benardino shooting.  The move the publishers say was an effort to make a strong statement of frustration over the nations inability to come to terms with the scourge of guns.  And it was certainly that…

“It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.”


reuers edito

The Reuters Institute Oxford highlights the challenges of reporting Europe in an interview with Bill Emmott, former Editor of the The Economist.

The bureaucratic monster only makes great news when it fails”


theawl ediorial

The Awl looked at the impact on the publishing industry of celebrities bypassing them in favour of social media. Author John Hermann weighs the importance of photos for some magazines against the rising monster of Instagram.

“A few years ago, they might have given this news to the tabloid willing to pay top dollar, or to the only celeb magazine that had refused to print a previous divorce rumor. The celebrity had power, but the magazine did as well.”

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