The driving philosophy of this blog is rooted in fourth estate values taking the position that media,  particularly news media deserve as much scrutiny and critical inspection as any other national, governmental, judicial or economic institution.

We live in a mass-mediated world and it has never been more important to evaluate how we are informed, who is informing us and the quality of the information environment.

While journalism holds authority to account, it often fails to consider itself as part of the institutions that require the same scrutiny.  Many social and digital media companies are beyond the scope of regulation and media cultures around the world have different values that are adopted elsewhere.

This blog is by Niamh Kirk and aims to foster informed and focused debate about the state of the modern media; providing news, views, reviews and even some light-hearted laughs. Highlighting the good, bad and ugly in modern media.

However, this is not to be prescriptive about what journalism should be and it is acknowledged that journalists are limited in influence by work briefs and organisational demands, particularly written content can pass through my hands, departments and filters before being read by the public, and criticisms should not be construed as personal attacks. It is the belief of this blog that in general the problems in modern media can largely be attributed to institutional practices, organisational cultures and industrial ideologies are the influential forces that shape modern journalism.

This is a welcoming and positive space for the examination of the media that equips audiences to make decisions on our lives.

I am a media journalist and PhD candidate specialising in transnational digital news media networks and nationalism; a media analyst with the FuJo Institute in DCU and research assistant on a number of national, European and global projects on digital news consumption, social media, video news, regulation and ethics, and audience studies. I am an educator, lecturing and tutoring on a number of topics including hybrid media, communication theory, audience studies and social media. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist to national news since 2008, a regional reporter with a local newspaper, an editor of a local paper.

If you would like to submit an article please email themediaeditor@gmail.com with your idea and we can take it from there. Or if you have a question about the media, feel free to get in touch my email or through social media and we will do out best to answer.

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